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Guys. I'm broke. As in seriously broke, I can't even afford food at the moment which is pathetic, so I decided to sell some of my beloved H!P goods. Hurts inside ;( Especially knowing how much money they costed me and how I'm not getting even half back with this, but really, I gotta sell SOMETHING :D

I've put all the prices in euros here because that's the easy way out for me haha.. Will be sold to the first one who asks, but if they haven't paid me in two days after the deal I will put the item back to ze market.
Drop a comment if you wanna buy something! Then once all is settled I'll e-mail you where you can pay me and once they payment is in my account, I'll send the item to you right away :)


Honto no jibun (regular edition, CD + collectable card) 5€
Renai Rider (limited edition, CD + DVD + collectable card) 7€
Kiss Kiss Kiss! (limited edition, CD + DVD + collectable card) 7€
Gachinko de ikou! (limited edition, CD + DVD + collectable card) 7€
Rottara Rottara (limited edition, CD + DVD + collectable card) 7€


C-ute Queen Vol. 1 (regular edition, collectable photo included) 12€

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (limited edition, CD + DVD) 6,5€
Tokaikko Junjou (limited edition, CD + DVD) 6,5€
Edo no Temari uta II (limited edition, CD + 8 different covers for the single) 6,5€
FOREVER LOVE (limited edition, CD + DVD) 6,5€

Golden Hatsu Date Spring 2007 (THIS IS SO CUTE HONESTLY, I almost didn't put it here because I love it so much. They're all so small and cuddly and cute and aww this is just one plain awesome concert!) 13€
Houkago no Essence Fall 2007 13€
Wasuretakunai Natsu Summer 2008 13€

Nozomi Tsuji's 2nd Photobook: Non-No 19 (Includes a making of DVD, which is by the way really funny) 15€

I might have to kill myself now. How can I do this to my fandom?
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